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Publié le 15 juin 2023 - Mise à jour le 26 septembre 2023

Avise: enabling new forms of entrepreneurship

For the past 20 years, Avise has been enabling and encouraging the development of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and social innovation in France and Europe by making its expertise and resources available to SSE businesses and the bodies that support them.


Avise is a non-profit agency committed to serving the public interest with a headcount of around 30. It can rely on support from board members representing the French SSE and an extensive network of partners keen to promote the ecological and solidarity transition. Today, Avise is the go-to partner for the SSE ecosystem.

L'Avise et ses programmes
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Rencontres nationales des accompagnateurs de l'ESS - équipe Avise
Publications de l'Avise
Rassemblement de la communauté émergence et accélération
Journée de la communauté émergence et accélération


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