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Enquête / bilan / rapport
Euclid Network
Date d'édition
juillet 2022

The State of Social Enterprise Support in Europe and Neighbouring Countries

Publié le 22 juillet 2022 - Mise à jour le 08 février 2024
This document, published by Euclid Network, is the Annual Consultation report. This report sheds light on the world of the frontrunners shaping the social enterprise ecosystem in Europe and neighbouring countries and celebrate the diversity of actors in the European social enterprise ecosystem.

Based on an extensive survey of Euclid Network (EN) members, this report provides insights into, amongst others:

  • the types of organisations that help build social enterprise and innovation ecosystems and support social enterprises to become successful
  • their organisational structure
  • their financial health
  • the kind of support they provide
  • insights in positive impact created
  • what their barriers, challenges and needs are to become even stronger champions of social enterprise and social innovation.

In the 2020-2021 report, EN attempted for the first time to engage its members in in-depth impact measurement. 


  1. Celebrating Diversity: Social Enterprise Support in Europe and Neighbouring Countries
    1. Organisation Profile
    2. Workforce and Leadership
  2. Making and Measuring Impact of EN Members 2021-2022​​​
    1. Beneficiaries
    2. Type of Support
    3. Reach of Support
    4. Scaling of Support
    5. Impact Measurement by EN Members
    6. Impact Areas and Social and Environmental Procurement Responsibility
  3. Financial Sructure, Growth and Financial Health of SESOs
    1. Annual Budget, Income and Revenues
    2. Financial Health and Planning Forecasts
    3. Access to EU Funding
  4. Needs, Challenges, Barriers of SESOs and SEs
    1. Top Needs of the Sector
    2. Political Support



Accompagnement des entreprises de l'ESS Économie sociale et solidaire

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