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octobre 2022

Strategies for scaling up

Publié le 07 novembre 2022 - Mise à jour le 08 février 2024
Designed towards social innovation project leaders and their teams, but also towards financial and non-financial support organisations, this handbook "Strategies for scaling up" aims at characterizing the concept of scaling up and fosters a shared understanding of its underlying strategies.

What is scaling up for a social entreprise? What are the different strategies? 

This guide aims at helping project leaders to discover the different strategies that can allow the project to scale up and anticipate the consequences of each of them. It also gives some advice and an overview of the different bottlenecks and opportunities that come with each strategy.

From diversification to cooperation, including duplication, fertilisation and merging, this guide describes each strategy and their success factors. 

Produced by Avise, it is based on a wide range of exchanges with some fifty people in the sector, including experts, social enterprise leaders, heads of sector networks, support bodies and funders. 


  1. Understanding scaling up : what does "scaling up" actually mean? How does it differ from growth? How does it tie in with social impact?
  2. Chosing a strategy : diversification, duplication, fertilisation, cooperation and merging
  3. Making a success of the process : at three levels: the human level (leaders and teams), the organisational level (the structure) and the ecosystem level (the local area and its resources).


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