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Date d'édition
juin 2022

Mapping and analysis of the French social innovation ecosystem

Publié le 23 août 2022
Produced by Avise within the framework of the European project BuiCaSuS, this report constitutes the restitution of a collaborative work of mapping and analysis of the French social innovation ecosystem. It aims to draw up an inventory of the support offered to social innovation in France, but also to highlight success factors and obstacles to its upscaling, as well as the contribution levers to public policy making, in particular through two case studies.

Legislative and political recognition and mapping of the social innovation ecosystem

Intended for any actor interested in the development and structuring of social innovation ecosystems, this report first presents an inventory. In France, social innovation benefits from legislative recognition, integration into some public policies, financial support from French and European authorities and support opportunities, for which various mappings already exist. Its consideration in public policies nevertheless needs to be affirmed and the public authorities continue to work on their position on the subject.

After a presentation of the strengths of this ecosystem, this report therefore mentions some of its challenges and weaknesses, thus opening up several perspectives.

From social innovation to public policy: cases studies

Secondly, the report offers an in-depth study of the relationship between social innovations and public policies, through two case studies, exploring the way in which social innovation initiatives can influence public policies and act on the legislative framework, at the service of the upscaling of their actions and their impact.


  • Introduction: Context, objectives and inquiry question
  • Methodology:
    • Study of the legislative and political context
    • Inventory and selection of social innovation initiatives
    • In-depth analysis of case studies
  • Backgrounds to social innovation in France
    • Legislative recognition
    • Incorporation intro public policies
    • European Social Fund support for social innovation
    • Dedicated support structures
    • Mapping social innovation initiatives
    • The national ecosystem’s features
  • Upscaling social innovations: case studies
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography and Appendices

More about BuiCaSuS

Recognized as the Competence center for social innovation in France, Avise has been mandated by the State to represent France within the European consortium BuiCaSuS co-funded by the ESF and the Program for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2014-2020. Made up of France, Latvia, Spain and Sweden, the latter was launched as part of the European Commission's "Competence Centers for Social Innovation" call for projects, which aims to strengthen and create a lasting competence center for social innovation in each Member State.

>> Discover the collection of best practices to support social innovation, from France, Latvia, Spain and Sweden.


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