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Supporting social entrepreneurship at a local level

Under the R.R.E.S.I. project led by ImpactCity Hague, Euclid Network and partners gathered best practices from across Europe in a report about policy-lessons on how local and regional governments create favourable ecosystems for social entrepreneurship. Discover their new Compendium of Good Practices!

Compendium of Good Practices

Social entrepreneurs combine doing good with doing business to create a positive impact on society. This way social entrepreneurs solve real life societal and environmental challenges in innovative ways, while running a sustainable business.

Everywhere in Europe (and beyond), public officials have become aware of the resolving power of social entrepreneurs and set up favourable policies. Local and regional governments are crucial stakeholders in creating this favourable ecosystem. This compendium derives policy lessons for supporting social entrepreneurship from the analysis of 8 local initiatives

The initiatives cover a range of policy areas from legal frameworks, finance, market access and support structures, to education and skills. This compendium is the result of the Resilient Regional Ecosystems for Social Impact (R.R.E.S.I.) project, a EU funded partnership on exchanging best practices of local approaches to support social enterprises.

The 8 local initiatives

  1. Aalst (Belgium) : Each month the Stad Aalst organises a short meeting with the managers of six social entreprises (mainly work integration social entreprises (WISEs)). 
  2. Antwerp (Belgium) : The Inclusive Economy Team (Province of Antwerp - Departement of Economy, Regional Policy and Europe) strives for an inclusive society in which all social services - both public and private - are accessible to everone and were all can participate according to their own ability
  3. Antwerp (Belgium) : In Antwerp's rapidly developing southern neighbourhood, a circular economy hub named "Circuit" has been built
  4. Efeler District (Turkey) : Kusadasi Istasyon, a Hub for innovation which has been made possible through collaboration between local, national and corporate actors
  5. Hannover (Germany) : The Hafven GmbH, an innovation community and a key partner of the Social Innovation Centre Hannover
  6. The Hague (Netherlands) : The New Farm, a hub for innovative and smart businesses, especially focusing on food
  7. The Hague (Netherlands) : With the Start-Up in Residence programme, the local government seeks to collaborate with innovative start-ups to find solutions to emerging social and technical problems
  8. The Hague (Netherlands) : In The Hague, recognised social entrepreneurs get advantages in public procurement and tendering

Impact City The Hague is the lead partner in this project. The Hague was one of the first cities in Europe to provide dedicated support to entrepreneurs and frontrunners who work on innovations for a better world.

To know more

> Read the report
> Discover the ImpactCity website

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