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Handbook : assessing social impact

In recent years, social impact assessment has become a major issue for social and solidarity economy (SSE), for both structures and funders. This is relevant in France but also in other countries and in Europe particularly. In order to promote and highlight issues and practices of social impact assessment abroad, Avise publishes an English version of its latest release : the Handbook “Assessing social impact”.

This handbook is mainly addressed to those who fund social utility activities (State, local authorities, foundations, philanthropists, impact investors, solidarity lending player, companies as part of their CSR strategy, etc.). For everyone interested by this topic, it also offers an overview of how social impact assessment is approached in France. 

The following keys to understand social impact assessment are provided in this handbook : 

  • Assessment issues
  • What are social impact and social utility ?
  • Why and how assess social impact ?
  • Feebacks of funders that have started a social impact assessment

Please enjoy reading this handbook !

Handbook Social impact assessment
Date d'édition
Décembre 2017