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SSE & Value creation : "A prospective approach to social impact measurement" - summury

The "SSE and value creation : a prospective approach to social impact measurement", a research summary lead by Avise, La Fonda and Le Labo de l’ESS, reviews the major findings of studies and experiments carried out since 2017.

A prospective approach to social impact measurement

Avise, La Fonda and Le Labo de l’ESS took the initiative in 2016 to launch an in-depth study on the subject of social impact measurement, bringing together ESS organisations, experts, assessment stakeholders, project leaders and funders, all of whom came together as part of workshops to promote collective intelligence. 

Entitled "SSE & Value Creation", the study kicked off in January 2017 and drew to a close in June 2019. Its aim was to offer a fresh view of impact assessment and to pave the way for experimentation with these new approaches.

In conclusion, the "SSE & Value Creation" study offers project leaders and organisations of social utility a thoughtful analysis, as well as strategic approaches, enabling them to re-establish their own understanding of the issue of assessing their social impact.


  • SSE & Value Creation: the challenges of the study
  • Rethinking social impact assessment with regard to the notion of "extended value chain"
  • Towards a continuous, progressive and strategic approach to social impact assessment

>> To learn more about the different methods of social impact assessment, discover Avise's National Resources Centre of Social Impact Assessment.

Enquête / bilan / rapport
Avise, La Fonda and Le Labo de l’ESS
Date d'édition
Octobre 2019