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Enquête / bilan / rapport
Avise, France urbaine, RTES
Date d'édition
novembre 2021

Urban regions, social and solidarity economy and social innovation

Publié le 28 avril 2022
Produced by Avise, RTES and France urbaine, this study aims to shed light on urban regions’ frameworks and action levers to support social innovation and social and solidarity economy. It includes inspiring examples and statements by elected officials, as well as keys to understanding certain institutional and legal frameworks.

Frameworks and action levers for metropolitan areas, urban agglomerations and large cities to reinforce social and solidarity economy (SSE)

Published for the elected officials and technical specialists of metropolises, agglomerations and large cities, this study was based on numerous contributions from some fifty RTES and France urbaine members, as well as on documentary research.

It shows how these public stakeholders can fully integrate social innovation ecosystems in order to improve the living environment of inhabitants and promote the equity and attractiveness of their region thanks to an urban development strategy that is economically, socially and environmentally responsible.

There is a wide range of action levers at their disposal: development of socially and environmentally responsible purchasing, support for structuring economic sectors, raising awareness of SSE and promoting local dynamics, etc. The study also highlights urban regions’ frameworks and modes of action: inter-departmental cooperation, co-development, evaluation, networking and articulation of regional actions, etc.


  • The study "Urban regions, SSE and social innovation" by Avise, France urbaine and RTES
  • Levers and action areas for urban regions:
    • Assistance for the support and financing ecosystem
    • Direct support for SSE structures
    • Support for regional cooperation dynamics
    • Encourage access to land the creation of third places
    • Developing social R&D and innovative collaborative initiatives
    • Developing socially and ecologically responsible buying
    • Facilitating local dynamics and raising awareness of SSE and social innovation
  • Focus on four thematic action areas:
    • Circular economy
    • Sustainable food supply
    • Sustainable housing
    • Responsible and solidarity technology
  • Action frameworks, regional organization and implementation strategies for metropolitan policies:
    • Frameworks and areas of intervention
    • Co-developing public action with SSE stakeholders
    • Integrating and implementing regional initiatives
    • Evaluating public SSE policies
    • SSE and city policy divisions
  • Conclusion and useful resources



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