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ARC 2020, Forum synergies
Date d'édition
juin 2022

Rural Europe takes action: no more business as usual

Publié le 29 août 2022 - Mise à jour le 08 février 2024
Published by the association Agricultural and rural convention - ARC2020 and Forum synergies, this book gathers a mosaic of resilient practices in rural areas across 25 European countries. Launched in June 2022 at the European Parliament, it aims to reveal the power of European civil society and the collective intelligence and imagination of numerous rural experts, policymakers and practitioners.

A wake-up call for our rural, agricultural and food policy


"This book offers incisive and inclusive proposals for political and practical rural action now. We have asked farmers, village movements and municipalities, bakers and seed savers, artists, young people and elders, cooks and educators, and people in governments and administrations this question: "what kind of rural action are you taking ro move and improve rural Europe now?" What we have gathered is not a wish list of what should be done, nor a vision of what could be. It is what people are doing right now to make their farmes, workshops and villages fit for the future."


  • Introduction: Resilience and peace
  • Diary from the future:
    • A journey to Sunnberg, Austria
    • "Man as a fish" - North Friesland
    • Rural fiction 2050 "Love letter from an elder"
  • Clouds of rural resilience - From visions to action
    • Networks and frameworks
    • Local and circular
    • Cohesion and democracy
    • Lifting borders and making peace
    • Learning and vitality
    • Seeds and systems
    • Land access and land stewardship
  • Political action now - for resilience and peace
  • Integrated European rural, agricultural and food policy: an unwritten regulation



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